These stories are the culmination of years of research, love of writing, and a passion to bring them to life for others to enjoy. The entire cast of characters are a personal love affair with paranormal romance. Their enticing world brings the imagination to life.  

The lost Island

RE-Launching 9/23/20

Amelia (Ami) Jane Gray spent her entire life growing up in Massachusetts. Sadly at the age of eighteen, she tragically lost both of her parents in a car accident just before her freshman year of college. While heartbroken over the loss, Ami didn’t let that stop her from attending the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. There she met her two best friends Andrew (Drew) Christopher Gregory and Jacqueline (Jackie) Louise Peabody. 

           Fast forward four years and these tight knit friends have all graduated from college. Having been lucky enough to be gifted with a surprise trip through the Caribbean, Ami, Jackie, and Drew were excited for the vacation of a lifetime. That was until the three friends were notified that Jackie’s cousin Sloane Ivan Cranston would be tagging along.

           That should’ve been the first clue that this trip was about to change the course of their lives. A course that would send the four of them on an adventure they could’ve only barely imagined. Would they find their true love through the mystery that laid before them?

            Not everything is what it appears to be!

The Sleeping Mountain

Coming 10/15/20

Amelia (Ami) Jane Gray’s world was turned upside down more than once in her life, even more so in the recent weeks. She’d just graduated college with her two best friends. It was supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime, but that all changed one night onboard the Lady Antebellum.


After being stabbed by a crazy man, shipwrecked by a Kraken, put on trial for crimes she didn’t commit, finds out Sloane is actually her brother, and she’s fallen in love with the Alpha werewolf of Pack Lingwir. 


Lord Brevan, the Alpha, was shocked to find his true mate after being alone for over one hundred years. Quickly she teaches him about love, life and a new way of viewing the world.


Amelia, the strong willed modern woman, takes charge in making changes to what Lord Brevan and his pack held onto as their antiquated ways. Can she tame the wild beast with all of her modern sass? Or will Lord Brevan and the pack ultimately change her.  

What else could possibly happen to her? Is there something nefarious afoot? Could there be more than one set of eyes spying on them? Find out in this ‘Explosive’  sequel to The Lost Island.