• Darla Stone


Hi Everyone, I just wanted to take a moment and give you all an update on the exciting things going on with Ami and the gang. Book 1 - Cover Revealed on Sat the 15th and was AMAZING! The book is being reworked and I think you all are going to love the additions! Book 2 - Edits ARE DONE! The cover is DONE! and right now I'm just formatting it. The Cover Reveal will Be OCTOBER 1st and the Book will ABSOLUTELY Be out on October 15th. Book 3 - I'm 1/2 way through writing it and should have it finished by the End of Labor Day weekend. The Cover is Completed and Will be Revealed on November 1st. I'd love to hear from our other Authors in the group as to what they have going on at the moment! Love you all!

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