• Darla Stone

The Lost Island - Prologue Teaser

The forest blew by them. The pair were looking for an escape. Each was carrying an all to precious package. “We must hurry. This area is too exposed, and I think we were followed.” The male of the pair said fear lacing his voice.
“They mustn’t get them.” The woman exclaimed with just as much fear.
A soft cry came from the bundle she was carrying. “Shh, there, there, little one. It will be all right.” She was carrying an infant but not just any infant; the male and female were entrusted with a pair of children: one boy and one girl, both brother and sister to the other. An arrow suddenly flew by the male’s head.
“They’re here. We must hurry to the next tree line.” The male and female took off running, their cloaks flowing behind them like a superhero's cape.

Neither was sure of how long they ran, only knowing that their one duty was to keep them safe. When they stopped again, they had entered a small town. It was early evening, and soon they would have the cover of darkness on their side. Until then, they would need to find shelter.

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